Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Membership Has Its Benefits

Joining a non-profit organization provides an opportunity for personal growth and professional enrichment by networking with industry peers who share similar goals and interests.

Being a committed volunteer also builds a sense of ownership and instills pride in the organization’s values. Active participation provides members a measure of influence in the decisions and direction of the organization. Volunteering provides an opportunity to not only shape the future of the organization but also the industry that most affects our lives.

Because volunteering is a personal choice and not our job, we have a higher degree of credibility compared to staff members. We can promote the organization peer-to-peer because we believe in its goals and objectives.

By volunteering, we can help extend the resources of the association by providing another pair of hands. This enables paid staff members to engage in other activities that otherwise might not get done.

Membership in AAC has many personal benefits, but playing an active role in the association and its committees brings lasting rewards with far-reaching implications.

This post was submitted by AAC Promotion Committee Chairman Jack Humble, President of Reliant Aluminum Products.

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